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I’ll admit it, right at this moment I am gawking at an internet car wreck and satisfying some of that primal blood lust we all have but don’t like to acknowledge.

Almost 2 years to the DAY I pointed out in this blog that Mike Filsaime had released a crap product earlier in the year and that getting on one of his mailing lists (again) was a huge mistake (even earlier I tweeted about his “accidental” email mistake…when everyone else was making accidental “mistakes” to get more emails in front of your eyeballs).  Coupled with stories from friends who have had dreadful customer service from him, and yes I don’t have anything good to say really about the man.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking I HATE him though, I don’t hate anyone, even people I suppose I should hate.

Then there is the Salty Droid. He has a style all of his own and one that I personally wouldn’t use, but whatever floats your boat.  His dislike of the tactics used by a great deal of the better marketed make-money-online-people (by better marketed I mean you probably know their name if you have ever looked around for who is teaching how to make money online) is the basis of the blog, but it also encompasses GED types as well. He also doesn’t come across as very likable, but who knows as that is most definitely a persona, and one who is probably meant to be tough and annoying.

I’ll single out Salty Droid from his followers, some of whom really don’t do him any favours. Some of the things they come up with are complete pack of lies, but they tell it like it is truth.  Beware anything you read in the comments because it’s mostly ego driven testosterone fueled bullshit, and bullshit that can be easily dis-proven…which is why I wonder why they do it… but there you have it *puzzled look*

So what is the car wreck?

Salty Droid has been chasing the Syndicate and has released some media that he has acquired. (sidebar – WHO records all of their conversations and uploads them and WHY?) The Syndicate (as coined by Frank Kern) includes Mike Filsaime and 11 others that you probably have heard of.  Pretty damning stuff, but still remains to be seen what is illegal activity and what is distasteful discussion that you would hear in the back rooms of any customer related business (not nice, but not illegal).


Mike Filsaime this week wrote an open letter to his JV partners that not only reeked of irony, it was eye-wateringly hypocritical. Do as I say, not as I did (but don’t do now). Being the emotional person that I am, I couldn’t help but march right over there and leave a comment that basically said (sorry you will have to take my word for this as MF has removed all negative comments from the post) “are you going to apologise for what you have done in the past, and are you doing this because of pressure coming from SD’s blog”.

Now Mike could have told me to fuck off and I would have been less affronted than I was by his actual reply. He accused me of being one of SDs “sheeple” (oh and he claimed he had NEVER done anything that he was railing against in his blog).

HOW DARE HE!  *high picthed affronted voice*

Actually I got over it pretty quickly because it showed how close MF is to being one of SD followers. Instead of acknowledging that here was an (old ex) customer who had a point and long memory, and him using the opportunity to show how he had changed; he chose to attempt to belittle and marginalise me. A low act and one his public relations agent* should have booted him up the arse for (I have no idea if these guys have a PR agent, but they seriously should be getting a group rate right about now).

So let’s close out and point at a blog post I made on the SWBN**  back in January 2009, it’s fiction but it does predate Mike’s attempt by nearly 2 years…he thought things were bad in the last couple of months – we plebs have been choking on the shit for YEARS! So please read this short,short story to see where we have always stood Liars and Thieves – Marketing Ethics

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*Speaking of PR it would seem that MF has attempted to paper over some of the cracks by having his online lawyer post an “interview” with him. Comments are filled with vitriol but the damning F rating on the BBB is kind of hard to ignore.

**For the dick on SD that thinks SWBN is some part of an Ed Dale scheme, dead wrong. The SWBN was all my idea an d my business partners and I have built it all on our own  -thank you.


  1. Ryan Healy says:

    Allison – Good post. Nice to see an actual customer come forward and document some things. Suffice it to say that I found Mike’s JV letter “eye-wateringly hypocritcal” as well. The one thing Mike still hasn’t done: apologize.
    Ryan Healy´s last blog post ..Ken McCarthy More Dangerous Than Salty Droid

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