Play With Fire – Get Burnt

If there is one thing that people really, really dislike (especially on the internet) is to trust someone and then be betrayed. Humans will accept mistakes, bad judgement, and ill worded opinions, but they will not tolerate being sucked into believing something and then find out they have been totally conned.

Thus is the case with Chris Reynolds who believed that the product he was selling was above board, effective and successful. After all the creator Ashley Morgan had marketed it as such, and also marketed himself as “not like those other guys”. Alas that all came tumbling down when Chris realised he had been deceived by lies and that Ashley Morgan was actually worse than just a scammer, he would also chase his detractors with fake accounts and harass them to stop any negative feedback. Isn’t that stalking?

Anyway we can only hope that more affiliates stand up when they are selling a crap product and declare they are as mad as hell and they are not going to take it any more. I have always been a big advocate of self responsibility and industry self regulation.  I hope other affiliates of this Twitter spam product also have the integrity to call out what has gone on.

Chris’ blog post today tells it like it is and marks the death knell for the Twitter spam product, Genesis Rocket.

genesis rocket sucks


  1. chris says:

    thanks for the kind words, allison. i only hope that some people stumble on my post that are looking for info about his “product.” it’s easy to get swept up in the hype and promotional copy when we both know that all it really is, is a rebranded version of the same crap that he exposed *on his own blog*.
    .-= chris´s last blog ..Bullhorns are overrated =-.

  2. Wow, that is really unfortunate for everyone who got burned. It’s too bad there is no real regulation for such things. I envision that in the future, any sort of online business will be regulated in a similar way to how businesses are now. But for now we’re still kind of in the “Wild West” stage of the internet and things like this happen every day.

  3. Allison says:

    There are regulations for such things. The claims made by Ashley Morgan on his site for the product were against the FTC rules in the USA, by various fraud and consumer departments in the UK. The internet may be the wild west but there is still recourse for people to report and deal with people like this.

    Don’t think you can’t do something, that’s what people like this depend on.

  4. Allison says:

    It is with great satisfaction is see that the Twitter spam product Genesis Rocket has been withdrawn from sale. I note Ashley Morgan mentions he is responsible for what his affiliates do, but he should be taking responsibility himself as it is his words and actions that were against the FTC guidelines. True to form Ashley Morgan is trying to deflect from himself anything he has done, and blame “them”.

    The “them” defence will not stand up to any government agencies, nor will the reparations they will make him perform as an offender.

    The same as Ashley agreed to have Tracy Coenen remove the lies he had fed her from her blog. She has not. I have also asked Tracy to remove the posts and warned her reputation as a fraud investigator was in danger as she was affiliated with a confessed liar, stalker and perpetrator of fraud. I can only imagine that her continued defence of Ashley Morgan means she is willing to let her reputation sink with his.

    I had hoped it was because she was duped, but with the amount of evidence against Ashley Morgan and his own confession seems to point to something else. What that is I am not sure. Certainly any real fraud investigator worth their salt would do their own due diligence when they are warned they are fraternising with a dishonest person.

    Still let’s be happy the internet is less one pile of rubbish, and that new and unknowing people will no longer be ripped off by this spam product that promised income where none was to be made.

  5. Boxing Bags says:

    Very sad indeed, one of the biggest hurdles we face is trust online, seems like there are still plenty of shysters out there :-(

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