Into the Unknown

Many years ago I was married to an alcoholic.  When I realised I could no longer go on living with him I refused to let him back while he was in a detox unit. With two small children of 3 and 5 I was taking a terrifying leap to assert my independence. No income, no prospects and two small children made life a pretty steep learning curve.

Knowing I needed some kind of help sorting my self out I went to a self help group. This experience was the turning point for me as I changed entirely my way of thinking about things. But the issue was, as I was in the transition period, practicing things I was I unfamiliar with doing, I felt like a complete fake.

It is perfectly natural, though not exactly comfortable, to have these feelings. When doing something you are not used to yet want to make it part of your persona, your conscious mind is second guessing what is going on and yelling out “Hang on, this isn’t me!” When I entered Marketing Pilgrim’s SEO Scholarship competition this week I was feeling this big time.

My article is quick and easy tactic to utilise FriendFeed’s social media aggregation service to improve traffic, reputation and visibilty of work created.  I would really like you to read it and tell me what you think One Egg One Hundred Baskets: Social Media Leverage

The feeling of “fakeness” is coming from offering something I feel is useful to the greater internet marketing community whom I see more experienced and less forgiving than I am. Who do I think I am to do this? I am not some massive guru who has made a squillion dollars perfecting their craft! To my inner voice I say “Bah!”.

Please read my article, tell me what you think and if applicable, give it a go and tell me how it goes.



  1. Oza Meilleur says:

    Bonjour Allison!

    I read your “One Egg One Hundred Baskets” article and I’m in awe. Your writing is not only informative, but totally entertaining and often times witty and funny and a total blast!

    I’m going to print that article as it has lots of stuff I need to look into…being a very sloooooow learner about everything related to internet marketing. You make it all sound like it can actually be a fun game…which is a sign of a true communicator and teacher.


    And if I read right, you are in the running for the Marketing Pilgrim’s 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship contest. If so, GOOD LUCK!!!

    Big hugs and a standing ovation,
    Mudd a.k.a. Oza

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