Just Because You Haven’t Done It

One of the things about having an incurable disease or two is that you learn a valuable lesson that many people who live a “normal” life do not; you CAN and WILL accommodate whatever you need to, to survive.

This motivation to writing this post came from listening to Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann speaking yesterday on the Back To Work podcast about whether it is possible to give something 100% attention, say to a new enterprise, while working in a job.  At around the 50 minute mark Dan is talking about how he believes he succeeded in creating 5by5 is because of the timing. How if he had started even “a month before” he may have failed….and as he turns back to Merlin for his opinion you can hear that Merlin is thinking long and hard about what Dan just said, you can hear the gears grinding in his head; and I think that Merlin disagrees. I certainly do.

As I just wrote in a response to Ed Dale on Google+

No! timing is just when it happens.. There isn’t some magical “time and place” where it will happen no matter what- “time and place” is just where you happen to be after you have been putting the work in to make it happen.

Dragging this back to the post title, if you haven’t actually done these things then it’s hard to imagine that they can actually be done. Just like living with an incurable disease. If you haven’t REALLY had to work two jobs, moonlighting your passion so to speak, then it must seem impossible that you could improve, progress and get to the jumping off point.  On behalf of those of us that did work a job and work on the “enterprise” in the time left over (and I consider that i did it for years and years) I say to you Dan Benjamin, you are wrong.  The only thing you don’t put in 100% is 24 hours a day, but if you are using all the time you have then that’s still 100% effort!

I am not going to claim that working your passion 50 or 100% of the time will guarantee success. Nothing guarantees success. But don’t tell people they might as well not even START because they will be doing a half arsed job and that’s not good enough – so NOT true.

If you want to do this crazy stuff, then do it, for how ever many hours you have.


p.s. Ed was talking about an article about the advice John Mayer had given the kids at Berklee and it iis really worth reading if you are one of the ones that want to make it for your art or enterprise . Basically feel the SUCK but do it anyway


timing is nothing


  1. Thanks for the post, I was thinking about this the other day when thinking of starting my own business years ago and like you said at the time it seemed impossible. My full time job was demanding and I had mouths to feed. But with time and(however un-perfect ;) ) I was able to pick myself up dust off my new business and look to the future!

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