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I’ll assume  that you know me, or that you know of me. That I worked for IBM for over a decade (technical and managerial roles), that I planned my escape to self employment and financial self sufficiency and nailed it right down to the day. Now I live in a mud brick house on 700 acres of pristine bush and create and work to my heart’s content. I can’t remember ever being happier.

In the 12 months I have been making things and helping people I have noticed the three following things

1. That many MANY people see the financial storm clouds on their horizon (or thumping rain down on their heads) and are feeling compelled to make changes to their circumstances. For some it is setting themselves up like I did and leaving the corporate world for a simpler more economical life, for others it’s making a few dollars on the side just to tide them through the “crisis”, and others want to go the whole entrepreneur/start-up hog.  Things aren’t going to get better soon so these people are looking to jump before they are pushed (smart people!)

2.  That those financial storm clouds are affecting everyone and so doing something “on the side” is no longer seen as being disloyal, or downright crazy. I remember in the recession of the late 70′s my father making rocking horses in the garage as his bit on the side (he worked full time as a fitter and turner at a chocolate factory – BEST JOB IN THE WORLD – we got all the badly wrapped ones!) , today people make websites about rocking horses… or apps about rocking horses…or they make rocking horses in the garage. No one is batting an eyelid, you gotta do what you gotta do, and it’s never been easier to do it.

3. That technology has made it possible to live and work just about anywhere (even in the middle of the bush like I am). Not only that…that it is quite natural and normal to pull out some kind of computing device hop onto the internet and go bat-shit crazy pushing work out – anywhere, any time.  Hand held technology has opened so many opportunities out there. Just think, the “big thing” of 2012 isn’t even in existence yet…mind blowing!

There’s a lot of people wanting to do their bit on the side, or leave the corporate grind like I did (and I have known many of them over the years) that just can’t seem to get it together. I got it together, I know what it takes to get it together. I know how to help people get it together.  I am good at helping people get it together…in fact I am GREAT at helping people get it together. Last year I help quite a few people get it together.

What sets me apart from some of the so called “mentors” out there?  I don’t “leverage” my time with mentorees by running group webinars or sessions.  We have all seen how that works within the education system. People are paying thousands of dollars for this kind of disrespect. Just imagine your doctor dragging you into a room with a bunch of others to cure you… that’s what is happening with that kind of group mentor. My time and attention is with my mentoree, and only my mentoree.

I don’t charge enormous amounts for my time (despite being told that this is what I must do by just about everyone). Again this is all about my mentorees, not about making money. I have been trained by two Olympians in my life and neither of them charged more than a few dollars per session. Why? Because they were in it to help others improve, not to line their pockets. I serve in the same capacity.

Lastly, I don’t just take anyone.  Because I don’t “leverage” my time, I have only have so many hours in a day to help you.  I only take those I know are going to be a good fit and who are going to work with me, not against me. You and I may not be right for each other, that’s fine. Like I said I only want the ones that are going to work, and work with me.

I have two open spots to start the year off but you need to apply quickly (and of course I only take people who are capable of that kind of action because this whole post is aimed at getting the right people by making them do the things they will need to do to succeed).


Apply NOW!

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  1. What specifically do you do as a service assuming I want to jump out and become a full time internet marketer? SEO? Affiliate marketing? Blogging? Also do you have testimonials or proof of results? Am interested.
    Brid (depression help dude)´s last blog post ..Depression Quiz

  2. Allison says:

    Hi Brid

    The positions are filled but you are welcome to put your name down for the waiting list.

    I help my mentorees identify a goal, the steps to get to the goal, then help them with creating the habits and processes to get to the goal. Sounds so simple yet in practice we all know that it can be the hardest thing in the world. Here’s an article on a recent study that talks about why doing these things with other will help you have more of a chance to reach your goals –

    While I have the experience in all that you have mentioned I don’t teach the mentoree those things. Just like a General Practioner doctor who refers to specialist practitioners, I leave the training in specific areas up to the specialists in that area.


  3. Allison, I haven’t worked in any conventional setting. As soon as finished my MA, I became a full time professional freelance content writer from home – this was the best decision of my life, even though my friends and family feel I am wasting my time…but I beg to differ. I enjoy my life and I enjoy my freedom :)
    Chitra@SocialVani´s last blog post ..Social Media among the Indian Youth – The Lost Charm!

  4. Allison says:

    You also write a good comment which is more than i can say for most people coming here for a nice PR backlink :) I ill check your site out.

  5. Congratulations on all your success Allison – you certainly deserve it. Making the switch from employee to being self-employed without a “safety net” is something that many dream of but few achieve. Great work.

  6. Keith Taylor says:

    I’m in the same boat as Chitra these days. After years of living in the UK and struggling to get by on my salary I quit my job, flew to Bangkok, rented a cheap apartment and turned my part time content writing gig into a full time job. Back in the UK I worked 9 hours a day in the icy drizzle, and now I earn $80 a day from 3 hours of work in a country in which I can live comfortably on $20 a day. Life is good.
    Keith Taylor´s last blog post ..Infant Car Seat Covers

  7. Daniel Rose says:

    Hi Allison,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have commented a few times previously. I wasn’t aware that you offered a mentor service. One idea I’m throwing around for later this year is a pro-bono business mentor program for business that have serious potential, but need the right advice.
    I know you charge for this service, but I wanted to put this out anyway and see if you might be willing to contribute.
    Daniel Rose
    Daniel Rose´s last blog post ..Management Development — Trends in 2012

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