Sh*t! I Nearly Forgot!

There is only about 48 hours left for qualification of my article to get into the Marketing Pilgrim’s final! If you haven’t been following along here is the skinny one what has been happening… I wrote an article with an example of how to use Social Media Leverage and entered it into the competition and then promptly got caught up in some other stuff like losing a week in a country town. The way to get into the finals is to drive as much unique traffic to the article and have them read it in its entirety, 2 minutes 30 seconds or more doing it. Easy hey?

While I am glad I have not resorted to blatant link swapping like another entrant, I have not done much more than link it in one forum and that was it. Poor effort on my behalf and even though I believe in content standing on its own two feet, I also know that reaching out to the more influential people in your network of friends and asking them to help out is probably a VERY sensible thing to do….do you hate asking favours like that? I know I do…weird.

I was reading an article about a study earlier in the week about women are MUCH less likely to put their creations out for public scrutiny on the internet.

It appears, “lack of perceived skill is holding women back from putting their creative content out there,” says Hargittai, going on other factors that may be responsible for the difference, while not measured in the study, “may relate to lack of confidence in the quality of one’s work

Yep “wah wah” I am using the gender card to explain my lack of cahonies in going out and promoting!

So my dear readers, please read the article, perform whatever wonderful social adulation you believe it deserves.

Here is the link again in case you missed it the first time :)

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