Thank You Tash!

I want to introduce a hero of mine. I have never met her, nor spoken, but this 7 year old has reached out to help me. Her name is Tash and she is doing something sleflessly for the good of others. While there are many kids out there at the moment doing the same thing, and every one of them is a hero, but for today Tash is my special hero.

The dedication that my hero has shown during the last 30 Days in reading every day (and being VIDEOED doing it)  is an inspiration to me. She did not give up when she so easily could have. She showed tenacity when a child of her age would rather be playing, she showed spirit when she could quite easily have been grumpy, and she showed that helping others is not something that “someone else should do”.

Thank you Tash, when I think of you I get a lump in my throat and my eyes get misty. If I can help you in anyway to reach your goal I will follow your lead and try my hardest, just like you have done for me, and others who have Multiple Sclerosis.

If you feel like me and are grateful for heroes like Tash then please add your pledge to Tash’s contribution page. She is just over halfway to her goal and every dollar counts in getting her there.

Click here to add your donation